Our featured PLC group of the month is the Personal Wellness department, which includes Mark Young, Justin Newman, Karla Otterness, and Kristin Weinzierl. This year, the Personal Wellness department is implementing the FitnessGram program to provide more personalized feedback to students about their current fitness level and for PW teachers to analyze the appropriate level of fitness planned for class. FitnessGram is an assessment program that was developed by the Copper Institute and is currently used by 60% of schools nationwide. Members of the PW department made the decision to incorporate this fitness program in the East curriculum after attending the SHAPE national convention last year. This program fits well with District 112’s focus on personalized learning and aligns with the Purposeful Instruction, Assessment, and Feedback section of the personalized star.

How will this program impact our students at CMSE? Students will be receiving individualized results as to how their fitness level compares to other middle schoolers nationwide. The teachers have downloaded the Fitnessgram software this fall and are currently inputting all the fitness data from the first trimester. When the students (and parents) receive this fitness report, they will receive feedback (via email) as to what they can do to improve their own strength and endurance. Other ways that students will receive formative feedback is through various activities in personal wellness class. Throughout the year, students will participate in the pacer test, to measure their endurance growth. Class will also include strength training (push-ups, sit-ups, light weight training in cardio room) and other activities to build endurance throughout the year. The Personal Wellness is excited about this new program that will offer students more personalized fitness feedback and data for the department to analyze how their programming impacts the overall fitness level of our students.