Collaborative PODS

This month our featured PLC (Professional Learning Community) group is focusing their efforts on implementing more collaborative opportunities for students in their classroom.  Math teachers Eric Billups, Dana Kallman, and Pete Tornquist have been developing various ways to group their math students in PODS as a way for students to solve math problems collaboratively.  All three stated that not only do PODS provide group problem solving experiences for students, it has allowed more flexible time during class to check in with struggling groups or students and provide more direct instruction to a small group or individuals when needed. What are PODS? This means that students work in groups (typically 3 to 4 students) with the expectation that they all work together to solve a problem.  Typically, the teacher may assign a leader to guide the group and keep all students working in the right direction.  The expectation is that all members of the group must understand the concept before... Continue reading Collaborative PODS