Empower is a word that parents are hearing more about from their kids and through information sent out by our district.  Empower is a digital learning platform that has been slowly implemented into classrooms throughout our district over the past two years.  The reason our district choose this platform is that it better supports standards-based instruction by providing more clear feedback to students and parents about their child’s progress on learning standards. Over 80 teachers district wide are utilizing Empower as the learning platform in their class. Currently at East, we have eight teachers who have incorporated Empower into their classes.  Five of those teachers formed a PLC (Professional Learning Community) this year with the purpose of together exploring the program in order to expand the learning opportunities for their students.

The teachers that are part of this PLC include Katie Rotunda, Dayna Melby, Emily Behning, Chris Behrens, and Ross VanHauen.Teacher Empower

The teachers involved is this PLC highlighted two of the greatest benefits for students, since their move to Empower.  They have found that this program allows teachers to give students (and parents) more timely and thorough feedback on their learning assessments.  Also, students have a greater ability to work through learning experiences at their own pace, since they have a playlist of resources available to them as they work through their learning targets for a unit.  This group of teachers have found their own confidence in the program has grown significantly this year.  Through their collaboration as a PLC, they are able to share various learning tools and resources that are available through this system.  In the future, they plan on being a resource to other staff as they transition to Empower in the coming years.

Student 2   Student 1
Students Using Empower