PD “Scoop” – June East Points – PLC Facilitators
Over the course of the year, we have highlighted various groups of teachers who collaborate together as a professional learning community (PLC) to learn and improve educational opportunities for the students at East. Today we highlight two staff members, Amy Scharenbrock (Personalized Learning Coach) and Laura Tessmer (Instructional Coach). These two staff members are the main facilitators of PD (professional development) to provide continued support for teachers on their growth and development. This support ranges from leading professional development on late start days to meeting with groups or individuals during prep time or after school.

As a district, our goal is for teachers to develop their PLC focus around the five points of the personalized star. Back in August, Amy and Laura facilitated a collaborative opportunity (Ed Camp) for teachers to reflect on their professional interests and find other staff who had similar driving questions that they wanted to investigate and learn about over the year. A few examples that surfaced from those discussions included investigating growth mind-set, implementing Apprenticeship strategies, and how to support introverts in the classroom (all featured in earlier East Point “scoops”). As the year went on, Amy and Laura integrated some follow up activities for large group staff sharing and reflection. During the December late start morning, staff learned how to use We Video to produce a short overview of what their PLC group had accomplished so far this year. Two weeks later, Amy and Laura hosted a “PLC Cinema” for other staff to view every group’s video. This was a great opportunity for staff to hear about other PLC ideas and increase professional dialogues about various educational topics. As the year continued, staff were encouraged to visit other classrooms, reflect on instructional practice, and continue to dialogue. We pride ourselves on continual improvement as a district, which is why we have a personalized learning and instructional coach at East to support staff and structure time for teachers to dialogue and learn from each other.

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