The District 112 Foundation is a non-profit organization separate from the school district with an independent board of directors. For the first time in the district’s 112 years, the foundation will sponsor a charitable giving campaign. The foundation’s goals include supporting student activities, reducing students’ economic insecurity, building an alumni association and creating an endowment fund. Residents of Eastern Carver County Schools will be asked to consider supporting the District 112 Foundation in November. Watch your mailboxes for more information on how to support the foundation. Remember, the District 112 Foundation is separate from Eastern Carver County Schools – individuals have a choice whether to give to the foundation.
One way your students benefit from the District 112 Foundation is through teacher grants. Individual teachers and staff apply for funds from the foundation. Supporting for the District 112 Foundation goes directly back into our schools (this is only a short list!):
  • Bluff Creek Elem.: BizTown, Junior Achievement program for elementary students; standing student desks
  • Carver Elem.: Phonological awareness (reading support)
  • Chanhassen Elem.: Library books, including non-fiction, informational texts
  • Chanhassen HS: Stream water study (Science Department), technology for students with disabilities, drama program support
  • Chaska HS: A 3D printer; learning stations for the Engineering Department
  • Chaska Middle School East: FitnessGram for personal wellness, books reflecting global literature, technology for reading for students learning English, classroom audio systems, portable collaboration stations, support for the orchestra program
  • Chaska Middle School West: Media Center books to suit various interests, equipment for the school’s broadcast studio, support for the orchestra program, DNA Detectives (Science Department), classroom audio systems, technology for students with disabilities
  • Clover Ridge Elem.: Non-fiction reading materials, and an individualized reading program
  • East Union Elem.: Advanced novels for students in grades 3-5, and a leveled reading library
  • Jonathan Elementary: iPads for reading support, literature for students with special needs, books for classroom libraries
  • Integrated Arts Academy: audio and multimedia production equipment
  • Kinder Academy: Leveled reader books
  • La Academia: Support for Makerspace; Osmo iPad systems for the Curiosity Cafe
  • Pioneer Ridge Middle: Ridge Video creation station tools, musical instruments, support for students struggling in math, classroom audio systems
  • Victoria Elem.: Support for art classes, books to teach empathy and prevent bullying behavior