PD Scoop – Assistant Principal Gilbert
October – WIN Time

One of our commitments as a district and at CMS East is to offer personalized learning opportunities for our students.  Now that we are a month into school, you may have heard your child talk about WIN time.  WIN is an acronym for What I Need.  Each week, CMS East dedicates three separate blocks of time (30-40 minutes each) to create time for students to meet with a teacher for support, explore a new type of learning, or create time for themselves to complete their school work.  Teachers offer four types of sessions for students:

  • Academic Prevention – “Just in time” help for students to focus on current learning targets in class.  Students can choose this option if they are feeling behind or need more support. (student choice)
  • Academic Extension – Opportunities for students to extend their learning on learning targets in a course of choice. (student choice)
  • Enrichment – Experiences that students can choose from based on interest or curiosity. (student choice)
  • Academic Intervention – The final option is designed for students who are behind or not demonstrating an understanding of skills in class. (teacher directed)

There have been a wide variety of offerings during the first month of school for your students to experience.  Opportunities have included calligraphy, drumming, peer tutoring, an outdoor service project, silent reading time, equity dialogue, physical activity, and trivia challenges, in addition to support sessions for students to work with their teachers on learning targets for class.  Those experiences listed are just a sampling of what has been offered.  Ask your child what they have done for WIN time during the first month of school.  To support your child with reflecting on how they can best use this time, Advisors have students reflect on what sessions they selected the previous week and guide them to think about what would be a beneficial WIN selection for the upcoming week.  Our goal is for students to think more about what they need as a student to support their learning and interests.

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