This month we are highlighting another avenue for students at East to personalize their education experience and take ownership in their learning. The HotSpot, is a teacher supported flexible workspace & resource for students and staff in helping learners achieve their personal best.  A learner, with permission from his/her teacher, can choose a space that extends beyond the traditional classroom based on the purpose for his/her learning.  Whether a student needs extra help from teacher, a quiet place to work, or needs space or additional resources for extension or enrichment opportunities, the learner can flex (schedule) themselves into one of the HotSpot’s 3 flexible learning spaces including…
  • Personal Flex:  quiet, individualized learning spaces
  • Group Flex:   collaborative, group project spaces
  • Small Group Focused Flex:  coaching, re-teaching, & conferencing table
The HotSpot provides learners immediate support under the guidance of Leslie Geissler.  This past summer, our school converted two of our computer labs (since all students now have chrome books) into the HotSpot space with new furniture that was purchased through East fundraising events and money that had been saved over the past years.   According to a student survey that students filled out prior to MEA, 49 percent of our students at East have accessed this space for their learning needs.  Take a look at the pictures of what this space looks like and ask your kids if they have accessed this space yet. We are excited about this new space and look forward to continuing to provide more personalized opportunities for the students of East.
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