AP Scoop – Assistant Principal Gilbert

This month we are highlighting the Learning Center (formerly known as the library or media center) as another space for students to personalize and take ownership of their learning.  When many of you think of a library, you think of a place that promotes and circulates books, assists with research and offers technology help. Those things do happen in the Learning Center, but we offer so much more at East.   Our students (and research) have told us that students need a quiet, calm atmosphere where they can escape into their learning.  Linda Dierks, the media specialist at East, has redesigned the Learning Center over the past couple of years to reflect this need.  Book shelves had been repositioned to create larger open spaces for students to spread out, a variety of comfortable flexible seating has been added that can accommodate a variety of tasks, along with nature videos/calming music to create a less stressful atmosphere.  The Learning Center is available for students throughout... Continue reading AP Scoop – Assistant Principal Gilbert