January – Flex Scheduler

This month I am highlighting one of our technology tools (Flex Scheduler) that the students at East use to personalize their learning opportunities at East.  Flex scheduler is a program that allows students to select various learning opportunities and sign up for sessions.  Students most often use this digital tool to make selections for their weekly WIN sessions, to create a schedule for their Discover classes, or to sign up for slots in the Learning Center or the Hot Spot.  Teachers create the sessions, but students are given the opportunity to make their personal choice as to what they need during the school day.  Now that all students have chrome books this year, the flex scheduler has become more widely used by all students and staff at East.

The flex scheduler is a district 112 creation.  Chuck Nelson, current Dean at Chaska High School, was the original creator of the system.  When he worked at Chanhassen High School in 2011, he wanted to develop a more efficient way for students to select their 8th period location choice (Options Time) and to track their attendance. Dan Thompson, a teacher at Pioneer Ridge, worked with Chuck to further develop this program to be used with the Ventures program at PRMS to allow students more choice in selecting what class sessions they need for their personal learning plan during the school day.  Today, the system is managed by Dave Farrell, the Information Systems Specialist for the district.  Dave continues to develop the system to meet the needs of staff and students.  One recent change to the system has been the creation of pie graphs that visually displays each student’s personal history of session choices.  This has become a useful graphic for students at East, especially as they review and reflect on how they are using their WIN time throughout the year. It is exciting to see how this system has evolved over time.  When you get a chance, ask your son or daughter to show you how it works and how they use it during the school day.