Every staff member at East is a member of a professional learning community (PLC). PLC time is designed for teachers to meet on a regular basis to share expertise and work collaboratively to improve themselves and in turn improve the academic performance of our students.   This past late start day (Feb 8), Laura Tessmer (Instructional Coach) and Amy Scharenbrock (Personalized Learning Coach) facilitated an activity for all PLC groups at East to share their professional goal for the year, update their progress, and reflect on next steps for the second half of the school year.

Prior to the late start morning, each PLC group used Flipgrid (tech tool) to video tape a summary of their goal along with reflections of how their learning has impacted their classroom and instruction.  On the late start morning, all of the PLC groups gathered in our Learning Center and viewed the Flipgrid videos that highlighted the work of other PLC groups.  Staff were also given the opportunity to share feedback and ask questions of those groups.  Topics ranged from strategies to improve formative assessments, tips to help students self-pace through standards, to sharing literacy strategies that engages students to find a deeper understanding of what they read through the use of Reader Apprenticeship strategies.  The most dynamic part of this late start activity was for staff to learn about what others are focusing on this year and in turn utilize each other as resources to support learners at East.