MCA Testing

MCA testing season at East begins after spring break! Your child will be participating in the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA III) in April and wrapping up the first week of May. MCA Reading will be administered to all students on Wednesday April 4th and Thursday April 5th. MCA Math will be given to all students on Monday, April 16th, Tuesday, April 17th, and Wednesday, April 18th. MCA Science Test will be administered to all 8th graders on Wednesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 3rd.  Your child will have specific testing times and locations provided to them. The purpose of these tests is to measure student achievement in Reading, Math, and Science (8th grade only), and determine how well our curriculum and instruction is aligned to state standards. This assessment is a requirement of the Minnesota Department of Education and given annually in grades 3-8. Please make every effort to have your child in school and on time during these testing days. Students not in school during... Continue reading MCA Testing