October – Behaviors that Support Learning

During the course of the year, I plan to highlight various programs or initiatives at Chaska Middle School East in the AP Scoop section of East Points.  This month, our focus is on Behaviors that Support Learning (BSL) and how our staff are using these indicators to provide feedback on student progress.  As our district has transitioned from “traditional” grading practices to standards-based assessments, teachers also want to provide feedback to students/parents that are not necessarily measured by content standards, like behavior, effort, and being responsible.  Our students at East are also using the Behaviors that Support Learning as themes during advisory time lessons on Thursdays to teach and reinforce these skills.  Our district has identified six Behaviors that Support Learning; Strives for Personal Best, Shows Respectful Behavior, Interacts Collaboratively with Peers, Engages in Learning, Exhibits Responsibility, and Demonstrates Accountability.

Teachers at Chaska Middle School East will focus on two BSL’s this year and report this feedback through Infinite Campus. Those two BSL’s include Engages in Learning and Respectful Behavior.  When assessing students on Engages with Learning, teachers will provide feedback on how engaged students are in class activities which may include how well they listen during class, follow directions, stay on task, reflect on class activities, and advocate for themselves.  When teachers provide feedback on Respectful Behavior, teachers will provide feedback regarding how students demonstrate respect towards others, property and themselves.  Teachers will report out using four indicators for each BSL; Approaching (rarely – less than 50% of the time), Basic (sometimes – 50% to 85%), Meets (almost always – over 85%), or Extends (learner is leading others).  Our staff is committed to providing not only feedback on content standards, but also Behaviors that Support Learning.