November “Pace Week”

Last year at East, we embedded a flexible time into our weekly schedule for students called WIN, which is an acronym for What I Need.  This WIN time is divided into three separate blocks (30-40 minutes) each week to create time for students to meet with a teacher for additional support, explore a new type of learning, or create time for themselves to complete their school work.  Students can choose a WIN session or teachers can “lock” a student in if they see that they are behind.  Survey results last year showed that 80% of students found WIN time valuable.  Although we were happy with these results after the first year, we are always striving to find ways to incorporate interventions that student find valuable and increase that percentage the following year.


This year, we have added a twist to this WIN time and created specific “Pace Weeks” that will be scattered throughout the year.  Pace Week is designed for teachers to “lock” students into specific subject areas to communicate with students that they are “behind pace” in completing their learning targets. During this time, students can work on incomplete learning targets and create a plan with the teacher as to how they plan to catch up.  Our first Pace Week this year took place on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday prior to MEA break.  Each subject area was given a priority day to “lock” students in who are behind in their class for WIN.  If students were not “locked in”, they signed up with another teacher to read for the 30 minutes session.  Pace Week is another intervention that we have incorporated to improve communication with students on their academic progress, provide structured time to complete work, or create a plan with the teacher to catch up. Our next Pace Week is planned for the two days leading into Thanksgiving Break.  WIN sessions are always offered on a weekly basis for students to get the support they need.