AP Scoop Assistant Principal Gilbert
History Day
If you are an 8th grade parent, I am sure that you having been hearing about History Day from your son or daughter.  National History Day is a non-profit organization, based out of Maryland, which facilitates academic programs that engage middle and high school students in conducting original research based on historical topics of interest.  This program began in 1974 and encourages kids to engage in history along with learning how to use a variety of research techniques.  More than 500,000 students around the world enter these projects at the local level.
Chaska Middle School East has been affiliated with History Day for over 10 years.   This past week, our staff and some volunteers were trained to judge the exhibits to recommend what projects would advance to the regional competition.  Students had to demonstrate their knowledge and passion on the topic by creating either an exhibit board, website, documentary, or performance.  Students who have advanced to regions are also given the prospect to quality for competition at the state and national level with their projects. This will take place on Saturday, May 4th at the Wilson Library at the U of M.
History Day is an example of an authentic learning opportunity that will enhance student’s skills in research as they transition to the high school.  Good luck to all qualifiers!!