Cultural Week & Assembly

Cultural Week & Assembly We’re excited to be honoring the many backgrounds of our staff and students next week! In advisories, students and staff will be diving into their own personal identities through the “I am poem.” These “I am,” poems will be shared in spaces throughout our building. Throughout lunch next week, students will have food options from India, Mexico, Korea, and Sweden. Wednesday we will have culture-based WIN sessions. Thursday we will host our first cultural assembly! At our cultural assembly we will be highlighting indigenous culture by hearing from world-renowned dancers, the Sampson Brother, who strive to promote cultural pride, unity, and hope through art, education, and... Continue reading Cultural Week & Assembly

March PD Scoop – Asst. Prin. Gilbert

If you are a parent of an 8th grader, I’m sure that you have heard and seen your son or daughter scrambling in the past week to complete their History Day project.  National History Day is a non-profit organization, based out of Maryland, which facilitates academic programs that engage middle and high school students in conducting original research based on historical topics of interest.  The theme for 2020 History Day is Breaking Barriers in History; topics chosen by students included racial barriers, barriers in women’s rights, battles that shaped history, athletic barriers. Students had the choice to work alone or in a group to research a topic and then produce either a website, exhibit board, documentary, performance or paper to demonstrate their findings. This month, instead of staff meeting, teachers were given time to judge the projects of those students who made the choice to compete for an opportunity to move onto regional and possibly state competitions.  This... Continue reading March PD Scoop – Asst. Prin. Gilbert

Community input important in Superintendent search

The School Board has contracted with superintendent search firm School Exec Connect to assist with identifying superintendent candidates. Current superintendent Clint Christopher has accepted a superintendent position in the Muscatine School District with a start date of July 1. To begin the process, School Exec Connect consultants will meet with board members, school staff, parents, students, and community members individually and in focus groups. These meetings will identify the strengths, challenges, opportunities, and goals of our district, and the qualities or skills we would like to see in a superintendent. Complete online survey by March 6 District staff, parents, and community members have the opportunity to give written feedback to the search firm through an online survey. This feedback will be helpful in developing a profile of the desired skills and characteristics of the next superintendent. You may share your confidential feedback with School Exec Connect by completing... Continue reading Community input important in Superintendent search

Pennies for Patients Fundraiser Has Begun!

CMSE is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients campaign for blood cancer research.  Once again we are joining forces with CMSW and PRMS and hope to raise a total of $35,000!  The fundraiser goes through Friday, February 28th.  Students have exciting incentives and chances to win great prizes.  CMSE has set a building goal of $5000.  Please support our efforts to help others again this year.  To donate and for more information click... Continue reading Pennies for Patients Fundraiser Has Begun!