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Thunderbird PRIDE

Thunderbirds are Prepared and Respectful while demonstrating Integrity, Dependability and Excellence.

What is PRIDE?
The expectation that students will commit to creating a safe, nurturing and dynamic atmosphere by being Prepared and Respectful while demonstrating Integrity, Dependability and Excellence.

All staff in grades 6-12 will commit to creating a safe, nurturing and dynamic atmosphere by utilizing a data-driven, school-wide positive behavior intervention system that is proactive and utilizes common terms and expectations across settings and buildings within the district

How does PRIDE work?
Students and staff will be taught P.R.I.D.E. expectations which are outlined in the P.R.I.D.E. matrix
Positive decision-making, student achievement and excellence will be recognized, recorded and celebrated daily, quarterly and yearly
Disruptive and inappropriate behaviors will be recognized, addressed immediately, recorded and reviewed daily, quarterly and yearly
Relationships between students and staff will be supported and enhanced through conversations regarding patterns of behavior, goal setting, student expectations and student achievements

How is PRIDE taught?
Students will learn P.R.I.D.E. expectations during advisory and through various individual classroom lessons
P.R.I.D.E. expectations will be presented in context using school-created videos
Staff will model P.R.I.D.E. expectations in all settings
Lessons will be highly concentrated at the beginning of the year, before and after lengthy breaks and as needed throughout the year

How are students and successes celebrated?
Students receive various tickets from school staff and bus drivers that can be entered into various drawings
Students who receive positive tickets will be recognized on the scrolling message board and on various classroom and school displays
Students who do not receive any stop and think tickets or office referrals will receive a celebration at the end of each semester
Individual classroom teachers will reward student successes in many ways such as; positive comments, displays, special privileges, etc.
All students will participate in grade-level P.R.I.D.E. celebrations that occur yearly (ie. School dances, grade-level parties, etc.)

What about disruptive students?
Disruptive and inappropriate behaviors will be recognized and addressed immediately
Staff will assist students in identifying patterns of disruptive and inappropriate behavior and a full continuum of supports will be provided to assist students in goal setting and correcting problem behaviors

What about parents?
Parents are encouraged to use P.R.I.D.E. verbiage at home
Parents are encouraged to have regular discussions with students and staff regarding patterns of behavior, student successes and academic achievement
Volunteers are needed to help organize and implement various celebrations, collect donations for prizes, etc.
Donations of all types (money, prizes, coupons, etc.) are a critical component of celebrating student success.


PD Scoop – PLC Facilitators

PD “Scoop” – June East Points – PLC Facilitators Over the course of the year, we have highlighted various groups of teachers who collaborate together as a professional learning community (PLC) to learn and improve educational opportunities for the students at...

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8th Grade End of Year Party

The last day of school marks the end of some fun-filled years with our 8th grade students. At Chaska Middle School East, we devote the entire day celebrating the last day of school with our 8th grade students. Our staff look forward to this great opportunity to spend...

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Final Band & Choir Concert

The final band and choir concerts will be held together on Tuesday May 23rd. Please note the location has changed to the Chaska Middle School West Gym. The West gym is bigger than the East gym, and can more easily accommodate the band and choir together. 6th Grade...

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Two-hour Late Start

We have our last two-hour late start day on Thursday, May 11th. Buses will arrive two hours later and class time will begin at 9:30. Late Start...

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End of Year Field Trips

6th Grade End of Year Field Trip As the year comes to an end, the Sixth Grade will be rewarded with one last field trip. On Wednesday, June 7th, (the last day of school) students will attend a movie and go bowling as an entire 6th grade class. The cost of the trip is...

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