Student Council

Student Council Information

The Chaska Middle School East Student Council is a representative body of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Student council applications are due on September 8th

CMSE Student Council Webpage

– A Student Council can add “life” to school and make it an
exciting place to spend every day during the year.
– A Student Council helps to promote school spirit and
student pride.
– A Student Council helps young people learn about
government and how to become leaders.
– A Student Council makes things happen … Good things that
students want to be involved in.

To encourage good citizenship, provide a forum for expressing student opinions, train good leaders, and create
better school spirit. The student council is responsible for helping planning student activities.

Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate
and develop leadership in the following areas: social, academic, and service.

Code of Conduct:
Promotes academic and personal integrity
Respects others by being friendly and inclusive
Demonstrates courage to do the right thing
Acts in a responsible manner
Shows accountability in executing tasks

Meeting Dates:

Our first meeting will be after school Tuesday, September 13th from 2:30 -3:30

Most of our student council meetings will be held during the school day in our block advisory time on Thursdays. At the beginning of the year, our student council schedule is very busy so we will meet more frequently with at least one additional after school meeting after the first meeting on September 13th. Please refer to the calendar on our student council website for updated meeting schedules. Students will also be notified of meeting changes via e-mail.


Contact Information

Advisor:  Ms. Emily Behning
Student Council Room #229